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Mike O'Brien - Tasty Radio Vinyl LP + Download - direct audio

Mike O'Brien - Tasty Radio Vinyl LP + Download

New West Records

  • $ 1798

Mike O'Brien Tasty Radio Vinyl LP + Download

Mike O'Brien is a comedian who is most known for writing and performing for Saturday Night Live. He has written for the show since 2009 and was a cast member for the 2013-14 season starring in his own short films known as "Mike O'Brien Pictures." He also created and stars in the popular web series, "7 Minutes In Heaven with Mike O'Brien," in which he interviews celebrities in a closet and then tries to kiss them.

Tasty Radio is a sketch comedy album written and performed by O'Brien, along with a long list of guest stars. It is not a stand-up album – it is inspired by and more similar to the albums of Nichols & May, Firesign Theater, and Adam Sandler. It was recorded a few years ago at Broadway Sound in New York City. Then, for more than a year, O'Brien sat down with Steve Rossiter to edit the album during his breaks from SNL.

The concept behind the album is that the listener is scrolling through radio channels, each one being a sketch on the album, and sometimes returning to previous channels. The guests that help to write and perform it include, but are not limited to, Scarlett Johansson, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, John Mulaney, and Mike's mom.

Mike O'Brien Tasty Radio Track Listing:

1. Mike’s Morning Goof (feat. Seth Meyers, Constance O’Brien & Jorma Taccone)
2. Rick’s Panties
3. Basketball Is A Game Of Names And Numbers (feat. Jason Sudeikis, Jorma Taccone & Bill Hader)
4. Elephant Man’s Boyz (feat. John Mulaney & Fred Armisen)
5. Sexy Bible (feat. Scarlett Johansson & Jorma Taccone)
6. Spanish
7. Beer Commercial 1 (feat. Shelly Gossman & Jorma Taccone)
8. Middle Ages (feat. Fred Armisen & Nasim Pedrad)
9. Men’s Wearhouse (feat. Shelly Gossman & Paul Brittain)
10. Fun Girls (feat. Marika Sawyer, Vanessa Bayer, Nasim Pedrad, Cecily Strong, Bill Hader & Fred Armise
11. Counter Terrorists 1 (feat. Paul Brittain & Shelly Gossman)
12. Tale Of A Farmer (feat. John Lutz, Shelly Gossman, Sue Galloway & Neil Casey)
13. Utensils (feat. Bill Hader, Shlly Gossman, Neil Casey, Sue Galloway & John Lutz)
14. Talk Radio 1
15. Toby Panini (feat. Shelly Gossman)
16. Senator
17. Pipsy Pop 1 (feat. Jorma Taccone & Shelly Gossman)
18. Sexy Bible 2 (feat. Scarlett Johansson)
19. Counter Terrorists 2 (feat. Paul Brittain & Shelly Gossman)
20. The Junkyard Owner And The Two Yokels And The Mixed News (feat. John Lutz & Ben Piner)
21. Egypt (feat. Fred Armisen & Nasim Pedrad)
22. Smart Girl (feat. Peter Grosz)
23. Hecton 7 (feat. Bill Hader, John Lutz, Shelly Gossman & Sue Galloway)

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