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Mobile Fidelity - Lift-Lock Jewel Cases (5 Pk)

Mobile Fidelity

  • $ 1599

Mobile Fidelity Lift-Lock Jewel Cases (5 Pk)

They're Back but Only for a short time! Very Limited Quantities, Iconic Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Lift-Lock CD Jewel Case Is the Best Jewel Box Ever Designed, Locks Disc in Place and Lifts Disc Up to You for Handling

Don't wait on stocking up on the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Lift-Lock Jewel Case, by far the finest CD jewel box ever designed. While legendary for its ergonomic design and cool delivery system, this case is no longer made. We recently found some in our warehouse and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Pioneered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, the locking mechanism of this exquisite jewel box literally locks the disc in place without putting all the pressure on the spindle hole of the disc. And when you open the cover, the mechanism lifts the disc out toward you, functioning as an elevated delivery method that underlines how much you value your music and listening experiences.

With the Lift-Lock Jewel Case, you won't ever have to again deal with the disc flying out of the case and hitting the floor or having the frustration of plastic teeth breaking off the spindle area and rendering the case useless. All standard CD artwork fits in these cases, so protect all of your valuable discs by replacing those cheap original jewel boxes with the world's best. Get yours today before they disappear!

"This jewel case is a high tech marvel! Its lift-and-lock mechanism replaces those irritatingly fragile plastic teeth in the center of the unit, and renders it virtually impossible that the CD be liberated in any other manner than that which the user expects. Imagine! For a few pennies more, we, the common purchasers of regular CDs at everyday prices, could celebrate such a luxury!"
ā€“ D. Malcolm Fairbrother, Audiophilia Raves

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