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Modern Jazz Quartet - Lonely Woman 180g Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

Modern Jazz Quartet - Lonely Woman 180g Import Vinyl LP

Pure Pleasure Records

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Modern Jazz Quartet Lonely Woman 180g Import Vinyl LP

The Modern Jazz Quartet was a major jazz institution, a band that, counting a seven-year "vacation," lasted 43 years. From the start, the Modern Jazz Quartet's sound and style were in place. Mixing together the influences of Bach and Charlie Parker, with pianist John Lewis's basic blues playing reminiscent of Count Basie and Jackson adding a great deal of soul to the music, the MJQ was always a unique group.

In 1955 the Modern Jazz Quartet had their one personnel change. Kenny Clarke, feeling restricted by the format, departed and was replaced by Connie Kay. Kay, who had played with Lester Young, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, and Charlie Parker, was perfect for the role as drummer with the MJQ. His emphasis on creating quiet sounds while keeping time fit Lewis's conception perfectly.

The MJQ spent the majority of its existence recording for the Atlantic label including the excellent Lonely Woman which was recorded and released in 1962. Anchored and named after their brilliant take on the Ornette Coleman evergreen "Lonely Woman," the remainder of the set is comprised of first-rate Lewis originals like "Fugato" and "Trieste."


Milt Jackson (vibraphone)
John Lewis (piano)
Percy Heath (bass)
Connie Kay (drums)

Modern Jazz Quartet Lonely Woman Track Listing:

1. Lonely Woman
2. Animal Dance
3. New York 19
4. Belkis
5. Why Are You Blue
6. Fugato
7. Lamb, Leopard (If I Were Eve)
8. Trieste

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