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Monster® - Video ISF 750HD Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable


  • $ 2999

Monster® Video ISF 750HD Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable 12'- 0"

For the serious high-definition enthusiast, the advanced technologies of the ISF 750HD deliver excellent sight and sound, now and in the future. This Advanced High Speed ISF Cable is specifically engineered to ensure that you get the crystal-clear, brilliant sound!

Get the full HD experience you've paid for.

The picture on your new High Definition TV is only as sharp and brilliant as the cable you run it through. New 3D and 4k transmission requires cables that are many times faster -- and more sophisticated -- than those we used even a few years ago. Monster created ISF cables for the home theater owner who wants extremely fast and reliable cables.

The best guarantees in the known universe.

The ISF cable you buy today will handle whatever technology comes along or Monster will replace it. Forever. This is the Monster Cable for Life™ Guarantee -- the only one of its kind in the industry. It's a lifetime of protection against obsolescence. And the Live Forever™ Full Lifetime Warranty assures you that if an ISF cable ever breaks Monster will replace it. No questions asked.

8-16 bit color? 480/640Hz display? 3D gaming Bring 'em on!

Pixels in the millions, hyper-fast refresh rates and 8-16-bit colors challenge current cables. ISF certified at 14.3 Gbps, these cables provides the clearest, fastest and most error-free signal path possible. ISF cables will always provide immersive, fluid video and sound to the limits of your system.

V-Grip™ Connectors for real life cable uses.

Many HDMI cables can easily become disconnected when cleaning around components or if the TV is on an articulating mount. Monster's exclusive V-Grip connector increases the retention force of the HDMI cable for a much more reliable connection.

-High Speed with Ethernet" cable design
-supports HDMI version 1.4 features◦maximum bandwidth of 14.3 Gbps
-3D video @ 1080p
-bi-directional Ethernet communication with compatible components
-audio return channel for sending Dolby® Digital sound from an HDTV back to an A/V receiver
-high-density triple-layer shielding minimizes electromagnetic interference
-flexible Duraflex protective jacket
-V-Grip connector with 24k gold-plated contacts to resist corrosion

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