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Nasum - Inhale Exhale Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) - direct audio

Nasum - Inhale Exhale Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock)

Relapse Records

  • $ 1698

Nasum Inhale Exhale Vinyl LP

Swedish grindcore icons Nasum will see the vinyl reissues of their four essential studio albums for the first time in over 10 years via Relapse Records including limited edition versions of 1998's Inhale/Exhale, 2000's Human 2.0, 2003's Helvete and 2004's Shift. One of the most influential and best-selling grindcore bands of all time, Nasum innovated and perfected the grindcore genre over their 13 plus year career before it was tragically cut short by the death of guitarist/vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk in the Thai Tsunami of 2004. The group reformed in 2012 for a sold-out farewell tour across the world to lay the band to rest and pay tribute to Mieszko.

Sprawling 38-track debut Inhale/Exhale became an immediate grindcore classic and one that is still referenced amongst the best of the genre! Social concern and political frustration formed the basis of the band's lyrical attack, and harkened back to such classic Swedish hardcore bands as Mob 47, Crude SS and Anti-Cimex, but with the added extremity of the late 80's/early 90's Swedish death metal bands like Nihilist. Press reactions were amazing, to say the least, as the sheer extremity of the band's delivery impressed varied music publications across the board. Absolutely essential grind!

Nasum Inhale Exhale Track Listing:

1. This Is...
2. The Masked Face
3. Digging In
4. Time To Act!
5. Disdain And Contempt
6. I See Lies
7. Inhale / Exhale
8. Too Naked To Distort
9. There's No Escape
10. The Rest Is Over
11. Disappointed
12. Lägg Om!
13. You're Obsolete
14. Tested
15. Shapeshifter
16. Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them
17. When Science Fails
18. Closing In
19. The World That You Made
20. The System Has Failed Again
21. For What Cause?
22. Fullmatad
23. Screwed
24. Shaping The End
25. The New Firing-Squad
26. No Sign Of Improvement
27. My Philosophy
28. I'm Not Silent
29. The Breathing Furnace
30. Information Is Free
31. Burning Inside
32. A Request For Guidance
33. Grey
34. Worldcraft
35. It's Never Too Late
36. Du Är Bevakad
37. Blinded
38. Can De Lach

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