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Neckbeard Deathcamp - So Much For The Tolerant Left Colored Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock)

Prosthetic Records

  • $ 2398

Neckbeard Deathcamp So Much For The Tolerant Left Colored Vinyl LP

Being that their lyrical and aesthetic angle is so blatant and overbearing, it's easy for the music of Neckbeard Deathcamp to become completely overshadowed by their message. Certainly, the fact that their songwriting is very one dimensional and stripped of virtually any diversity or forward momentum between its tracks does little to aid in making their music appear more relevant.

As with their debut, on So Much For The Tolerant Left, Neckbeard Deathcamp go for an extremely raw and abrasive black metal approach, in which riffs are pretty much recycled from elsewhere, bass is virtually inaudible, and the vocals are guttural to the point of likely being indecipherable even with a lyrics sheet in front of you. Barring the inclusion of two interlude type tracks and "Horseshoe Theory," which dips into harsh noise territory, the music of Neckbeard Deathcamp moves very little beyond this delivery, if at all.

Much like their debut, So Much For The Tolerant offers up many reasons for listeners to dismiss Neckbeard Deathcamp altogether: bias against the band's politics and a belief in one's own as superior, a perception of the band as "cringe worthy" while ignoring the hundreds of other black metal bands worthy of cringe, and/or a view of the songwriting as garbage due to its simplicity and lack of originality while ignoring the hundreds of other black metal bands who get by on a lack of sophistication and ripping off the ideas of their predecessors.

To dismiss Neckbeard Deathcamp for any of these reasons, however, would likely be missing the point of what the band are doing, that being that their delivery is ultimately a lesson in how to respond to complete bullshit (read: white nationalism) with complete bullshit. As the message of Neckbeard Deathcamp is ugly, brutish, and unsophisticated, so too is their music, and in this way the band must be applauded for this sense of symmetry between the two if for no other reason.

Realistically speaking, with So Much For The Tolerant Left Neckbeard Deathcamp probably could have conjured up a sound as dynamic and layered as Darkspace or Wolves In The Throne Room if they really put their minds to it. They also could have come up with a lyrical manifesto explaining and justifying what they're doing a mile long, in the vein of Liturgy (US-NY) or The Meads Of Asphodel.

But doing so would be to imply that white nationalists are even deserving of the time and effort required for generating so sophisticated and lengthy a response in the first place, something that Neckbeard Deathcamp clearly do not believe them worthy of. Instead, their response to this often over entitled, juvenile, and altogether outdated world view is to simply raise a digital middle finger high and snarl a loud, resounding "Fuck you!" And a lot of the time that's all it takes for getting the point across.

Neckbeard Deathcamp So Much For The Tolerant Left Track Listing:

1. Cucked 2 The Phantom Menace
2. Shitpostnacht
3. Operation Neet
4. What Are The Cargo Pockets For Lanza Extra Mags
5. Horseshoe Theory
6. Bricks Out For Harambe
7. Tolerance Candle
8. Unironically Calling Someone The Untermensch From A Facebook Account With An Azumanga Daioh Profile Picture
9. Crybullying
10. /R/Iamverysmart
11. Pozerfaust Division

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