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Nektar - Magic Is A Child on LP - direct audio

Nektar - Magic Is A Child on Vinyl LP

Cleopatra Records

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Nektar Magic Is A Child on Vinyl LP

The story of Nektar is a remarkable one. A British rock band that found stardom and success in Germany and the US, yet failed to make the significant breakthrough in their own country. With three gold albums under their belt (Remember the Future, Down to Earth and Recycled), Nektar produced some of the most original work of the '70s.

In virtuoso guitarist Roye Albrighton Nektar had a charismatic front man who had shared a stage with Jimi Hendrix, in Allan “Taff” Freeman a unique keyboard player, in Derek “Mo” Moore a bass playing powerhouse and in Ron Howden a fluidity rarely found in a drummer. Fifth member Mick Brockett was not a musician, but was responsible for one of the most stunning light and visual shows ever to grace the rock stage.

The roots of Nektar lay in Hamburg in 1970. The band Prophecy, (featuring Freeman, Moore and Howden), were performing in the legendary Star Club. It was here that Prophecy met an extremely talented guitarist Roye Albrighton, also playing the German club circuit. Disillusioned with his own outfit, Albrighton was approached by Prophecy to join them as a guitar player. Light technician Mick Brockett (who had worked with Pink Floyd in the late '60s), had been providing visual backdrops for Prophecy in Germany and was invited to become a permanent fixture in the new band. Opting for a name change, Nektar was born.

Cleopatra Records is pleased to offer a special vinyl reissue of the band's 1977 album Magic Is A Child which famously features a young Brooke Shields on the cover. Nektar's seventh full-length overall, it was the band's first with Dave Nelson on guitar in place of Albrighton. More truncated than past Nektar releases, the 9-song set is highlighted by such fan favorites as "Away From Asgard," "Magic is a Child" and "Listen."

Nektar Magic Is A Child Track Listing:

1. Away From Asgard
2. Magic Is A Child
3. Eerie Lackawanna
4. Midnite Lite
5. Love To Share (Keep Your Worries Behind You)
6. Train From Nowhere
7. Listen
8. On The Run (The Trucker)
9. Spread Your Wings

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