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Orbital - Orbital (Green Album) 180g 2LP - direct audio

Orbital - Orbital (Green Album) 180g 2LP

Rhino Records

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Orbital Orbital (Green Album) on 180g 2LP

Since their landmark debut track "Chime" in 1989, Orbital have played an integral part in changing the face of dance music. Not only did the Hartnoll brothers take dance into the live arena but also pushed the concept of the dance album beyond a mere collection of singles, adding the longevity and credibility needed to boost a genre that many perceived as little more than a short-lived phenomena.

In the process the duo paved a path for such subsequent artists as Basement Jaxx and The Chemical Brothers. The success of "Chime" led to a deal with FFRR Records who released Orbital's Kratwerk-inspired first self-titled album aka the Green Album in 1991 and their second eponymous effort aka the Brown Album in 1993. Both albums will be reissued as 180g 2LP-sets in 2015.

Orbital Orbital (Green Album) Track Listing:


1. The Moebius
2. Speed Freak
3. Macro Head
4. Oolaa
5. Desert Storm


1. Fahrenheit 303
2. Steel Cube Idolatry
3. High Rise
4. Chime Live
5. Midnight Live
6. Belfast

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