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Owl City - Ocean Eyes Vinyl 2LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Owl City - Ocean Eyes Vinyl 2LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

Universal Records

  • $ 3698

Owl City Ocean Eyes Vinyl 2LP

Loaded with amazing loops, catchy pickups, and lyrics that soothe the mind and touch the heart, Minnesota native Owl City (Adam Young ) has once again created a lush listening experience. Owl City’s trademark desire to escape in dreams, oceans and sky abound on this, his first official release, in songs such as “Cave In” and “Umbrella Beach.” Owl Eyes also continues to display a terrific wit uncommon in most electronic based music in such songs as the clap infused, bouncy “Dental Care” (a humorous metaphor on smiling) and “Fireflies.”

Previously released fan favorite “Hello Seattle” gives the great Northwest its due with an ode to highlands, parking lots, Puget Sound and albatross. With glorious vocal harmonies (“The Saltwater Room”) and touching odes to love lost (“Vanilla Twilight”) Owl Eyes has dug more deeply on Ocean Eyes lyrically and musically than ever before.

Owl City Ocean Eyes Track Listing

1. Cave In
2. The Bird and The Worm
3. Hello Seattle
4. Umbrella Beach
5. The Saltwater Room
6. Dental Care
7. Meteor Shower
8. On The Wing
9. Fireflies
10. The Tip Of The Iceberg
11. Vanilla Twilight

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