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Palberta - Bye Bye Berta Vinyl LP - direct audio

Palberta - Bye Bye Berta Vinyl LP

Wharf Cat Records

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Palberta Bye Bye Berta Vinyl LP

In an industry that favors niche branding and subgenre packaging, Palberta is a difficult band to place. Their music is free and uninhibited in a way that makes it all their own. Often, Palberta songs are marked with a child-like communication - chants and lullabies are met with snarling tantrums, while their instruments coo and careen towards an often abrupt finish. Their playful approach to writing produces work that is hyper-emotional - as jarring as it is soothing and as loopy as it is sinister.

Palbetra was formed when Lily Konigsberg, Anina Ivry-Block, and Nina Ryser met while attending Bard College. They honed their sound in basements across the Hudson valley, and quickly gained a reputation for their brazen and feverish live shows. Through prolific touring and recording, they have developed a dedicated nation-wide following without the aid of a major label. Outside of the band, the three of them actively pursue solo endeavors, with Palberta serving as a culminating force - a band driven by uncompromising personality.

Bye Bye Berta is their seventh release and their most sonically expansive release yet. Recorded by frequent collaborator Paco Cathcart at a library in Roxbury, Connecticut, the record features contributions from artists in their community.

Palberta Bye Bye Berta Track Listing:

1. Why Didn't I
2. Acoustic Rollup
3. Jaws
4. Bells Pt B.
5. Nose
6. Why'd You Cry
7. Ode to Honey
8. Trick Ya
9. Sick
10. She Feels That Way (Acoustic)
11. She Feels That Way
12. Holiday
13. Finish My Bread
14. Honey, Baby
15. Pick Up the Phone
16. Stayin' Alive
17. Rabbiting
18. Get Around
19. Bells Pt. A
20. Filling Empty

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