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Pete Yorn - Arranging Time on LP - direct audio

Pete Yorn - Arranging Time Vinyl LP

Capital Records

  • $ 1998

Pete Yorn Arranging Time Vinyl LP

"I made a few solo records over the years, Musicforthemorningafter (2001), Day I Forgot (2003), and Nightcrawler (2006), while playing most of the instruments myself and recording in a consistent fashion in garages and home studios. Then the time came where creatively I felt the desire to explore different approaches to recording, wondering what it would be like to let other people get involved in a bigger way....So I did a duets album called Break Up, with the lovely Scarlet Johansson (recorded 2005/6, released 2009).

"Then I tracked live with a band for the first time, in a big studio in Nebraska, that resulted in 2009's Back & Fourth. Around that time I also had the great pleasure of working with Frank Black on PY/The Black Album (2010). After these releases, I felt compelled to do a proper songwriting collaboration project, which led me to Mr. JD King and the birth of The Olms (2013). These were all very interesting projects to work on and I learned a lot from the various processes and from the people involved, all while following my muse...Which takes us up to more recent times.

"After branching out creatively for a few projects, I felt I had come full circle and once again found myself really excited to work in my original style of creating and recording. This led me back to my old friend R. Walt Vincent who I had made my first two records with. It was powerful to reconnect with Walt and record on the fly, just coming up with parts and ideas as inspiration hit, and I found that we were creating fresh new material that felt like a furthering of the conversation we had started back in 2001. That said, I'm very excited to announce that Capitol Records will be releasing my first solo album in nearly six years, entitled Arranging Time.

"This new record represents a step forward in sonics and creativity while celebrating and honoring some of the groundwork I laid back in the early part of the century. In addition to working with Walt, I enlisted some other talented friends and producers to collaborate with namely Sunny Levine who produced Break Up, Scott Seiver who has been my live touring drummer since 2008, Marc "Doc" Dauer of Trampoline Records and Jukebox Junkies fame, and lastly, Jeff Trott who produced a killer track I can't wait to share with everyone soon. Oh, and the great Kennie Takahashi mixed a few songs for us, and we were very happy to have him on board. I'm so excited for the opportunity to share this new music with you and I look forward to seeing you out on the road." - Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn Arranging Time Track Listing:

1. Summer Was A Day
2. Lost Weekend
3. Halifax
4. In Your Head
5. She Was Weird
6. I'm Not The One
7. Shopping Mall
8. Roses
9. Screaming At The Setting Sun
10. Walking Up
11. Tomorrow
12. This Fire

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