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Peter Buck - Warzone Earth on Limited Edition Vinyl LP - direct audio

Peter Buck - Warzone Earth on Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Mississippi Records

  • $ 2198

Peter Buck Warzone Earth on Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Come2015 Solo Album LP from R.E.M. Former Guitarist!

Features Jeff Tweedy & Krist Novoselic
Album Comes In Two Different Limited Edition Covers - Randomly Distributed!
Limited To 4000 Copies - 2000 Each Cover

Comes in Two Different Limited Edition Cover Editions Designed by Mingering Mike

New LP from Peter Buck! Steeped deep in the roots of garage rock, Peter's third solo record rolls out strong. Some dark and personal lyrics and some heavy vibes preside, but overall it's pure rock and roll. Features musicians from all kinds of beloved bands and lineages including Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin, Kurt Bloch, Chris Slusarenko, Kris Novoselic, Jeff Tweedy, Annalisa Tornfelt, Chloe Johnson and Kristin Tornfelt.

Record comes in two different cover editions - both designed by none other than Mingering Mike - maybe the greatest album cover designer of all time (the majority of his artwork was recently bought in whole by the Smithsonian). With liner note insert. Limited edition of 2,000 for each cover.

Peter Buck Warzone Earth Track Listing:

1. I Hate My Life And The Way I Live
2. Playhouse
3. The End Is Still Unclear
4. Movie Star
5. Headfull of Rain
6. You Crooked Mind
7. it Ain't Killing me
8. Saturday Sunday Monday
9. Long Time Dead
10. Lately I've Been Hanging Out At Home
11. Gun-Shaped Heart
12. World Spins Around You

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