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Petra Haden - Imaginaryland on Vinyl LP + Download - direct audio

Petra Haden - Imaginaryland on Vinyl LP + Download

Bar None Records

  • $ 1598

Petra Haden Imaginaryland on Vinyl LP + Download

Petra Haden made a career performing alongside everyone from Beck to Bette Midler, Green Day to Victoria Williams. She had been a member of alternative pioneers That Dog and The Rentals. On her solo debut, Imaginaryland, originally released in 1996, she introduces a new phase of her career utilizing her extraordinary ability to vocalize the sounds of the instruments she hears.

She overdubs wordless a cappella adventures into pop soundscapes creating original compositions as well as covers of her father Charlie Haden, Bach, Enya and Miranda Sex Garden. Hers is a unique vision and a unique voice that takes you to a land filled with cartwheels, tingly mint tea and razzle-dazzle raspberry twigs.

Petra Haden Imaginaryland Track Listing:

1. Look Both Ways Before You Cross
2. Cuckoo Clock
3. Apple Juice
4. Watermark
5. Bach: Prelude No. 2 In C Minor (For Well-Tempered Voice)
6. I'm Tired
7. Red
8. Song For The Whales
9. How Are You?
10. Miranda Sex Garden Song
11. Richard
12. Moonmilk
13. I

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