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Petra Haden - Petra Goes To The Movies on Vinyl LP + CD - direct audio

Petra Haden - Petra Goes To The Movies on Vinyl LP + CD

ANTI Records

  • $ 1998

Petra Haden Petra Goes To The Movies on Vinyl LP + CD

Petra Haden’s wondrous new album Petra Goes to the Movies offers a one of a kind opportunity to experience film scores in an extraordinary new way. Epic and evocative scores have been ingeniously recreated utilizing layers of remarkably inventive vocals. Far from a mere novelty, these interpretations retain all the emotional resonance of the originals.

Out via Anti, Petra Goes to the Movies features Haden, a highly regarded session musician (Foo Fighters, Beck, the Decemberists) and former member of That Dog, delivering a cappella versions of scores from films such as Psycho, Rebel Without A Cause, Taxi Driver, Superman and more.

Haden, who hails from a musical family that includes her father, distinguished jazz bassist Charlie Haden, has a history of working a capella; in 2005, at the suggestion of bassist Mike Watt, she recorded and released an a cappella rendition of the Who’s pop masterwork The Who Sell Out to widespread acclaim. Upon hearing the record, Pete Townshend telephoned Haden to enthusiastically thank her, proclaiming her version of his album “beautiful.”

Petra Goes to the Movies is the culmination of Haden’s lifelong love for both vocal interpretation and movie music: “The idea of interpreting music with my voice started when I was little,” she explains. “I would hear music around the house and mimic the instruments with my voice. And I love movies but my favorite thing about them has always been the soundtracks. When people hear this record I want them to feel what I felt when I first saw the film, even if they’ve never seen it.”

In addition to Haden’s multi layered vocals, the record features notable guest appearances by jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, bassist Charlie Haden and Bill Frisell. LP also contains CD of full album.

Petra Haden Petra Goes To The Movies Track Listing:

1. Rebel Without A Cause Main Title - Rebel Without A Cause
2. God's Lonely Man - Taxi Driver
3. Cool Hand Luke Main Title - Cool Hand Luke
4. Cinema Paradiso - Cinema Paradiso
5. A Fistful Of Dollars Theme - A Fistful Of Dollars
6. Psycho Main Title – Psycho
7. Goldfinger Main Title – Goldfinger
8. Carlotta's Galop - 8 1/2
9. It Might Be You – Tootsie
10. The Planet Krypton – Superman
11. Superman Theme – Superman
12. My Bodyguard - My Bodyguard
13. Pascal's Waltz - Big Night
14. Calling You - Bagdad Café
15. Hand Covers Bruise - The Social Network
16. This Is Not America - The Falcon and the Snowman

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