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Phish - The White Tape 180g Colored Vinyl LP

Jemp Records

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Phish The White Tape 180g Colored Vinyl LP

Soon after forming the band, Phish (aka The White Tape) was created from four-track recordings which the band and band members mixed, dubbed and circulated as a demo. It consists of an assortment of four-track recordings from 1984-1985 including four songs recorded by all the existing members of Phish as a band: "Alumni Blues," "AC/DC Bag," "Slave To The Traffic Light" and "Dog Gone Dog" (aka "Dog Log"). The balance was recorded separately by the band members and blended together from 4-track cassettes to create the album as we know it.

The White Tape highlights Phish's early development with ethereal soundscapes and interesting sketches on classics-to-be such as an acoustic "The Divided Sky" as it existed then and even an acapella rendering of "You Enjoy Myself." In 1998, The White Tape was re-mastered from the 2-track cassette master. The original art for the cassette demo was created by Trey himself and was updated for the CD release by artist Jim Pollock. A snapshot in time, The White Tape is a must-have for any fan and a perfect introduction to the band's studio work. New colored LP edition remastered from its original analog cassette master for vinyl.

"The White Tape is to me almost like if you combine all of the good pieces of all of our albums. The creative freedom of that first White Album, the playfulness of Junta, the sound quality of Hoist and the conciseness of Hoist..." - Trey Anastasio, Addicted to Noise

Phish The White Tape Track Listing:

1. Alumni Blues
2. And So To Bed
3. You Enjoy Myself
4. AC/DC Bag
5. F**k Your Face
6. The Divided Sky
7. Slave To the Traffic Light
8. Aftermath
9. Ingest
10. NO2
11. Fluff's Travels
12. Dog Gone Dog
13. He Ent to the Bog
14. Run Like An Antelope
15. Minkin
16. Letter To Jimmy Page

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