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Pole - Fading Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Pole - Fading Vinyl 2LP

Mute Records

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Pole Fading Vinyl 2LP

The exploration of one's own history relates to the inspiration for Pole's new record Fading. "The album was mostly inspired by the idea of memory loss," explains Stefan Betke. "My mum had dementia and I saw her losing all the memory that she had accumulated over her 91 long years. When losing that memory it turned into what she was probably like in the beginning of her life when she was born – like an empty box."

A concept album this is not however. The role of memory loss was simply a springboard for Betke, an idea for the Berlin based artist to further explore through sound. "It was the motor for moving in this direction," he says. "So for the opening track, ‘Drifting', there is the idea of a whole lifespan that starts pretty empty and it gets fuller and then it ends with this kind of bell sound in the background. 

This approach gave Betke the opportunity to reconnect with his own memory and past. "You can hear some little pops and glitches in the background of this recording, which is a direct reference to the trilogy," he says. "But you hear it relatively quietly in the background, this is a little bit of a sign from me, as my history is fading away slowly too." Due to the multifaceted nature of Betke, the end result is an album that feels as suited for immersive headphone listening as it does to being pummelled out through a PA loud enough to feel the bass rattle your ribcage.

It may have begun life with the embrace of an accident – Pole is named after a broken Waldorf 4-Pole filter that gave him the distinct sound – but over the years it has morphed and transitioned into a finely tuned and honed project with a deft yet potent sense of evolution. Accidents are, however, still something to be cherished in Betke's world; the striking artwork for the album being a prime example. "During a super heavy thunderstorm my TV broke down and I couldn't see anything for 10 minutes," he says. "As my screen was trying to recover it looked very strange. 

Pole Fading Track Listing:


1. Drifting
2. Tangente
3. Erinnerung
4. Traum


1. Tölpel
2. Röschen
3. Nebelkrähe
4. Fading

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