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Prince - Lotusflow3r on Import Vinyl 2LP + CD - direct audio

Prince - Lotusflow3r on Import Vinyl 2LP + CD

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Prince Lotusflow3r on Import Vinyl 2LP + CD

2009 Release on Double Vinyl & CD Triple Album Set Containing Lotusflow3r, MPLSound, & Elixer

Lotusflow3r contains two Prince albums, Lotusflow3r, MPLSound, as well as Elixer, the debut studio album by Prince protegee Bria Valente. 

Prince arrived on the scene in the late-70s, and it didn't take long for him to upend the music world with his startling music and arresting demeanor. He rewrote the rulebook, forging a synthesis of black funk and white rock that served as a blueprint for cutting-edge music in the '80s. He made dance music that rocked and rock music that had a bristling, funky backbone. From the beginning, his music was androgynous, sly, sexy and provocative. His colorful image and revolutionary music made him a figure comparable in paradigm-shifting impact to Little Richard, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton.

Prince never shied away from ambitious projects, and 2009's Lotusflower/MPLSound is yet another in a long, illustrious string. The collection builds on the variety evident throughout Prince's career, mixing up rock, funk, R&B, silky-smooth balladry, and left-field genre influences. Lotusflower takes a page from psychedelic rock, and it's a pleasure to hear Prince bring his guitar to the fore and let his Hendrix-influenced playing loom large (right down to the distortion-drenched cover of "Crimson and Clover"). And MPLSound finds the icon looking back to his funk-fueled earlier work, throwing in some falsetto ballads like "U're Gonna C Me."

Lotusflow3r has moments of fury akin to the closing solo of "Let's Go Crazy" or the glorious passion of "Purple Rain," but apart from the Hendrixian "Dreamer," the album is nearly as smooth as Elixer, with even the clenched, pumping riff of "Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful" soon giving way to an amiable funk work-out.

Prince Lotusflow3r Track Listing:

LP 1 - Lotusflow3r

1. From The Lotus...
2. Boom
3. Crimson & Clover
4. 4ever
5. Colonized Mind
6. Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful
7. Love Like Jazz
8. 77 Beverly Park
9. Wall Of Berlin
10. $
11. Dreamer
12. Back 2 The Loctus

LP 2 - MPLSound

1. (There'll Never B) Another Like Me
2. Chocolate Box
3. Dance 4 Me
4. U're Gonna C Me
5. Here
6. Valentina
7. Better With Me
8. Ol' Skool Company
9. No More Candy 4 U

CD - Elixer

1. Here Eye Come
2. All This Love
3. Home
4. Something U Already Know
5. Everytime
6. 2nite
7. Another Boy
8. Kept Woman
9. Immersion
10. Elixer

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