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Prince - Lovesexy on LP TBA Pre-order - direct audio

Prince - Lovesexy on LP TBA Pre-order

Warner Brothers

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Prince Lovesexy on LP

Prince arrived on the scene in the late-70s, and it didn't take long for him to upend the music world with his startling music and arresting demeanor. He rewrote the rulebook, forging a synthesis of black funk and white rock that served as a blueprint for cutting-edge music in the '80s. He made dance music that rocked and rock music that had a bristling, funky backbone.

From the beginning, Prince and his music were androgynous, sly, sexy and provocative. His colorful image and revolutionary music made him a figure comparable in paradigm-shifting impact to Little Richard, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton.

Towards the end of the '80s Prince talked of dueling identities within himself, conjuring characters that represented his good side ("Camille") and dark side ("Spooky Electric"). The latter had its say on The Black Album, a controversial, hardcore set that was aborted shortly before its intended release. In its place came Lovesexy (1988), an equally sensual and spiritual effort, which Prince referred to as his gospel album. Featuring the terrific "Alphabet St." (No. 8).

Prince Lovesexy Track Listing:

1. Eye No
2. Alphabet St.
3. Glam Slam
4. Anna Stesia
5. Dance On
6. Lovesexy
7. When 2 R in Love
8. I Wish U Heaven
9. Positivity

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