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Prince & The Revolution - Parade: Under the Cherry Moon Soundtrack LP - direct audio

Prince & The Revolution - Parade: Under the Cherry Moon Soundtrack LP

Warner Brothers

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Prince & The Revolution Parade: Under the Cherry Moon Soundtrack LP

Prince's 8th studio album was his final album to feature his backing band The Revolution and is the soundtrack to the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon. The album was released to critical acclaim and features the hit single "Kiss".

This 1986 release is not only a soundtrack to my favorite Prince movie, but stands as the most cohesive work he ever produced with The Revolution. The addition of guitarist Mico Weaver and horn players Eric Leeds and Atlanta Bliss is a touch of pure brilliance that lends the album a jazzy sophistication. The opening triumvirate of "Christopher Tracy's Parade", "New Position" and "I Wonder U" will hook even casual fans, but the treasures only begin there! The slow, almost somber title track is one of Prince's most effortless ballads, in which he wonders if he'll 'die young, like heroes die', and sports a lovely piano solo courtesy of Lisa Coleman.

One of my personal favorites has always been the funky jazz of "Girls And Boys" with the most insistently catchy sax line ever put on a pop record, it'll have you pressing rewind several times! The remainder of "Cherry Moon..." is an adventurous grab bag of brittle, jittery funk (the classic "Kiss" comes to mind), light pop ("Life Can Be So Nice", "Mountains",) cabaret ("Do U Lie?") classical ("Venus De Milo"), bottom-heavy soul ("Anotherloverholeinyohead") and spare, acoustic balladry (the almost unbearably lovely "Sometimes It Snows In April") that is unabashedly eclectic, but works as a suite of songs versus a collection of singles strung together.

There's not a bad song to be found here, and it will probably have you longing for the days when Prince was this diplomatic with his band members and let everyone join the fun. The joy of their collaboration is evident on this joyous album. A Classic.

Prince & The Revolution Parade: Under the Cherry Moon Track Listing:

1. Christopher Tracy's Parade
2. New Position
3. I Wonder U
4. Under the Cherry Moon
5. Girls & Boys - with The Revolution
6. Life Can Be So Nice
7. Venus De Milo
8. Mountains
9. Do U Lie?
10. Kiss - with The Revolution
11. Anotherloverholenyohead
12. Sometimes It Snows In April

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