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Pro-Ject - 33 & 78 RPM Pulley for Select Turntables (Special Order)

Pro Ject

  • $ 3400

Pro-Ject 33 & 78 RPM Pulley

Easily Add 78RPM Functionality to Many Pro-Ject Tables

Need to add 78RPM capability to your Pro-Ject turntable? Pro-Ject makes it easy! Simply replace the stock 33/45RPM pulley with this one! The 78RPM pulley allows you to play both 33 & 78 RPM records just by moving the belt. Make sure you use this pulley only with a cartridge designed specifically for 78RPM , as it will quickly destroy a normal phono cartridge.

NOTE: The 78RPM pulley only works on Pro-Ject turntables with an on-board motor, such as the Debut series and is not compatible with Pro-Ject turntables with external motors, such as the Perspective or RPM series.

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