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Pro-Ject - Cover-It Dustcover

Pro Ject

  • $ 9900

Pro-Ject Cover-It Dustcover

Keep Your Turntable Protected and Free of Dust

The Pro-Ject Cover-It is made of high grade, clear Plexiglas. While this product can be used by itself, ideally it will be used in conjunction with the Ground-It. The Cover It-1 & 2.1 are large enough to fit the Ground It Deluxe and virtually any turntable. There are also special Cover-It models designed specially for the unique dimensions of the RM-1.3, 5.1SE, and 9-series models, available from the menu above.

Cover-It 1:
Exterior (WHD): 20.67 x 11.42 x 16.73"
Weight: 9.5Lbs

Cover-It 2.1:
Exterior (WHD): 18.11 x 9.84 x 14.37"
Weight: 6.4Lbs

Cover-It RM-1/5 RM-1.3 and RM-1.5SE
Exterior (WHD): 15.5 x 5 X 14.5"
Weight: 5.3Lbs

Cover-It RPM- 5/9:
Rounded exterior shaped specifically for RM-5, RM-9, RM-9.1 and RM-9.2
Exterior (WHD): 17.7" x 9.84" X 14.4"
Interior (WHD): 17.5" x 9.7" X 13.75"
Weight: 1.76Lbs

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