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Pro-Ject - Perspex DC Turntable - direct audio

Pro-Ject - Perspex DC Turntable

Pro Ject

  • $ 1,99900

 Pro-Ject Perspex DC Turntable

When we heard that the venerable Pro-Ject Perspective was being discontinued, we were heartbroken. Then came word of an exciting new project based on the Perspective platform.

The Perspex is that table. Featuring the new Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution carbon fiber tonearm (check out the new massive gimbal mount!), an ingenious new sub-chassis design and a host of upgrades, we dried our eyes and cheered.

The Perspex remains a clear acrylic plinth, suspended, belt driven design but virtually everything else has been either upgraded or modified. Starting with the most visible change, the new Pro-ject 9cc Evolution features a tapered carbon fiber armtube with an integrated headshell that is made from a single piece of carbon fiber. The 9cc Evolution is also the first Pro-Ject tonearm to feature a new ultra-rigid bearing assembly for an enormous increase in resolution and flexibility in cartridge choice.

The sub-chassis is a deceptively sophisticated design, made out of Corian - a material well known for its high rigidity and damping properties - the subchassis is suspended using three separate height adjustable opposing magnet assemblies. This gives the Perspex excellent isolation from vibration, creating ultra-black backgrounds and very good dynamic range.

Also new is the MDF & Vinyl composite platter, which further eliminates resonance. Other features include chassis mount RCA connectors, a threaded record clamp, adjustable cone feet for a total package that will knock your socks off.

The Perspex is available in two configurations, either as a standalone turntable with no cartridge, or as the Perspex SuperPack, which includes a Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge and a Pro-Ject Connect-It phono cable.


Nominal speeds: 33 / 45 r.p.m.
Effective tonearm length: 9"
Effective tonearm mass: 0.3oz
Overhang: 0.7"
Supplied counterweights cartridge weights: 5 - 7.5g, 7 - 10g, 9 - 11g and 10 - 14g
Downforce range: 10 - 35mN
Speed variance: ±0,5 %
Wow and flutter: ±0,06 %
Signal to noise: -73dB
Platter weight: 4.4 lbs.
Platter diameter: 11.8"
Power supply type: Mains-fed outboard power supply
220 - 240V, 50 cycles or 100 - 110V, 60 cycles
Output voltage: 16V/500mA AC
Power consumption: 2W
Table Dimensions HWD: 7.5" x 18.25" x 14.5"
Weight: 23.5Lbs
Dustcover: Included, can be mounted on rear of table

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