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Protomartyr - No Passion All Technique Colored Vinyl LP (Indie Exclusive)

Domino Records

  • $ 2598

Protomartyr No Passion All Technique Colored Vinyl LP

When Protomartyr – vocalist Joe Casey, guitarist Greg Ahee, bassist Scott Davidson, drummer Alex Leonard – stepped into a studio together for the first time, in November 2011, they didn't know they were about to record an album. With only four hours of studio time booked and one case of beer between them, their plan was to walk out with enough songs for a seven-inch single. Instead, at the suggestion of engineer Chris Koltay, the newly formed Detroit outfit recorded as much as they possibly could, in what little time they had. They left with 21 songs – enough material for two singles and a full-length album that, years later, is still vital listening.

Sold out and out of print shortly after its original release on Urinal Cake Records in 2012, - No Passion All Technique is a sometimes messy look at one of rock's most magnetic bands – and lyricists – just as they were coming to life. Primal, cerebral, heartbreaking, funny – it's an accidental tour de force that's also become an unlikely collector's item. viously seen only a highly limited vinyl pressing (which fetches up to $200 on Discogs), and a limited digital release on iTunes only. In spite of its elusiveness, it has acquired a passionate fanbase over the years - one who have been demanding a re-issue at every possible opportunity.

Along with the original 13-song tracklist (including live staple "Jumbo's"), the No Passion All Technique vinyl re-issue will be accompanied by 4 additional digital bonus tracks: three songs from an early 7" which have never before enjoyed digital availability; and one entirely unreleased track, "Whatever Happened to the Saturn Boys?" Also included is a 20-page zine.

Protomartyr No Passion All Technique Track Listing:

1. In My Sphere
2. Machinist Man
3. Hot Wheel City
4. 3 Swallows
5. Free Supper
6. Jumbo's
7. Ypsilanti
8. Too Many Jewels
9. (Don't You) Call Me Out My Name
10. How He Lived After He Died
11. Feral Cats
12. Wine of Ape
13. Principalities

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