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Puro Instinct - Autodrama Vinyl LP - direct audio

Puro Instinct - Autodrama Vinyl LP

Manifesto Records

  • $ 1998

Puro Instinct - Autodrama Vinyl LP

Sophomore LP Autodrama sees Puro Instinct (avant-pop composers Piper and Skylar Kaplan) return to their roots, telling the story of a youth spent in the decay of Hollywood. The results are a purified, more self-assured Puro Instinct. Featuring instrumental performances by Ariel Pink, Franco Falsini of Sensations Fix, and Richard "Sax" Ross, Autodrama is not only lush, but danceable. Skylar's guitar skills have been given the room they need to create the shimmering planes and ringing angelic textures they always needed.

"Six of Swords" is spacious, space-age pop, like Kylie Minogue in zero gravity – but with cryptic, vulnerable lyrics not usually imbued in pop music. "We're using the vernacular of pop," Piper says, "but with our values and our soul."

Embodying their vision, the song "Babylon" touches on Puro Instinct's desire to be a ghost in the pop machine. "We want to change the rules of what the pop world would want from us," says Piper. "The sound is inspired by this whole rebirth of values within us, which is a result of us dying in 2011 and having to rebuild everything.

Everyone was telling us what to do, we were really young, and we were trying to take it to extremes to please everyone else. No more." No more indeed. Autodrama is defiant, bittersweet, strong, otherworldly, and perhaps the most surprising album of 2016. The sights and sounds are but a spec of time, yet the dream is forever. The quest is eternal.

Puro Instinct Autodrama Track Listing:

1. Panarchy
2. Peccavi
3. Tell Me
4. Six of Swords
5. What You See
6. Scorpio Rising
7. Babylon
8. End of an Era
9. Autodrama
10. Want Your Love

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