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Queen - Hot Space on 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Queen - Hot Space on 180g Vinyl LP

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Queen Hot Space on 180g Vinyl LP

Sourced from the Original Master Tapes, Mastered By Bob Ludwig, Cut at Half-Speed at Abbey Road Studios, and Pressed at Optimal in Germany

Like The Game, two years earlier, Queen's tenth album Hot Space was a huge departure for the band in terms of musical direction and style. With such a massive international hit, "Another One Bites The Dust" behind them - a No 1 in America - it probably came as no surprise that the band would want to continue down the disco/funk path to some extent. This policy did however make the album less popular with some fans; those who preferred the traditional heavier rock style they had come to expect from Queen. It should be said, though, that Hot Space does have its ‘heavy’ moments. Brian’s "Put Out The Fire" and "Dancer," for example, contain some of the most aggressive guitar work of any album.

Although all band members were resident in London, Munich (where this LP was recorded) had become a favorite place, especially for Freddie who spent much of his time there. The band partied heavily during this period, again Freddie in particular, who had become entranced by the nightlife the town had to offer. All four men were influenced by what they encountered at the nightclubs. May would later recall, “In Munich we found ourselves inhabiting the same clubs for most of the night, most nights! The Sugar Shack in particular held a fascination for us. It had an amazing sound system, and the fact that some of our records didn’t sound very good in there made us change our whole perspective on our mixes and our music.”

Freddie was keener than anyone to explore the trend for rhythmic sounds and grooves, and as usual took certain aspects of the funk theme to its extreme. Dance/funk-based music featured on the first side of the LP, while the second side, though not as heavily produced as some of the earlier albums, did contain some of the more traditional and distinctive Queen trademarks. The first worldwide single from Hot Space was the No. 1 charting "Under Pressure" collaboration with David Bowie, who was also credited as the co-writer. The second single was the pairing of Freddie’s "Body Language" and "Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)" while "Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)" emerged as the third single.

Queen Hot Space Track Listing:

1. Staying Power
2. Dancer
3. Back Chat
4. Body Language
5. Action This Day
6. Put Out the Fire
7. Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)
8. Calling All Girls
9. Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love)
10. Cool Cat
11. Under Pressure (with David Bowie)

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