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Queen - News Of The World 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Queen - News Of The World 180g Vinyl LP

Universal Records

  • $ 1998

Queen News Of The World 180g Vinyl LP

Queen’s sixth studio album was their first to fair better in the U.S. than in the band’s home country. It reached No. 3 in the Billboard chart and achieved platinum sales status in America, while in Britain it peaked at No. 4. News Of The World was a significant departure from the two albums before it – the coupling named after Marx Brothers films; A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races - not just in its original and alarming artwork concept, but in musical content too, with its comparatively sparse production.

The band spent half the time they had previously taken to record this album and this accounts for certain songs emerging with what many would describe as deliberately and conspicuously uncomplicated, by Queen standards anyway.

The first single released from News Of The World was the worldwide coupling of "We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You," penned by Mercury and May respectively. Eventually the coupling would be Elektra Records’ biggest selling single to date, selling over two million copies. To the delight of Freddie and Brian, "Champions" and "Rock You" were soon taken up by various British and American football teams and supporters, and eventually for all kinds of other sporting events around the world. Today, the two songs are known in every corner of the globe, are universally recognized within an instant of the very first notes, and have been covered, sampled, copied and used in many varying contexts.

Queen News Of The World Track Listing:

1. We Will Rock You
2. We Are The Champions
3. Sheer Heart Attack
4. All Dead, All Dead
5. Spread Your Wings
6. Fight From the Inside
7. Get Down, Make Love
8. Sleeping On the Sidewalk
9. Who Needs You
10. It's Late
11. My Melancholy Blues

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