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Quicksilver - Anthology on Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Quicksilver - Anthology on Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 2LP

Friday Music

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Quicksilver Anthology on Limited Edition 180g Vinyl 2LP

Mastered by Joe Reagoso & Ron McMaster

Along with fellow superstars Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller Band and The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service were one of the first Bay Area rock acts that helped usher in the progressive rock/acid rock movement during the height of the Summer Of Love in San Francisco. With its core line-up of David Freiberg, Dino Valenti, Greg Elmore, Gary Duncan, Nicky Hopkins and John Cipollina, this amazing band truly delivered many fine recordings during their successful reign at Capitol Records.

Anthems of the era still resonate today with society issues and world problems as Quicksilver foretold with their classic signature tunes like "Fresh Air," "What About Me," "Hope" and "Pride Of Man." With the superstar talents that made up this band over the years, it was not uncommon to hear radio stations play entire sides of their revolutionary albums during the dawn of FM and underground radio.

Capitol Records awarded Quicksilver and their huge fan base with a very extensive and amazing “Greatest Hits” package called Anthology back in 1973. Right from the start you get a healthy three track serving from their first monster release Quicksilver Messenger Service, along with more solid tunes from other fine albums like Happy Trails, Shady Grove, Just For Love, What About Me and others classics.

Out of print for many years, Friday Music is pleased to reissue the album on 180g vinyl. This amazing album features 16 of their most important songs from their legendary albums released between 1967 and 1973. From the early acid rock sounds of "Dino’s Song" and the 12 minute epic "The Fool," to later day hits like the aforementioned "Fresh Air," "What About Me" and "Just For Love," this album truly shows the relevance and importance of this sorely missed iconic band.

Mastered by Joe Reagoso and Ron McMaster, this limited edition album also boasts the original gatefold cover album art, including the silver on black embossed Quicksilver logo. The two vinyl LP’s are also protected by poly lined sleeves, as well as a poly bag to help keep the album cover and albums in great condition.

Quicksilver Anthology Track Listing:


1. Pride of Man (1967) [from Quicksilver Messenger Service]
2. Dino's Song (1967) [from Quicksilver Messenger Service]
3. The Fool (1967) [from Quicksilver Messenger Service]
4. Bears (1968) [45 RPM only single release]
5. Mona (1969) [from Happy Trails]
6. Edward, the Mad Shirt Grinder (1969) [from Shady Grove]


1. Three or Four Feet from Home (1969) [from Shady Grove]
2. Fresh Air (1970) [from Just For Love]
3. Just for Love (1970) [from Just For Love]
4. Spindrifter (1970) [from What About Me]
5. Local Color (1970) [from What About Me]
6. What About Me (1970) [from What About Me]
7. Don't Cry My Lady Love (1971) [from Quicksilver]
8. Hope (1971) [from Quicksilver]
9. Fire Brothers (1971) [from Quicksilver]
10. I Found Love (1971) [from Quicksilver]

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