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Rachel's - Handwriting Vinyl LP + MP3 Download - direct audio

Rachel's - Handwriting Vinyl LP + MP3 Download

Quarterstick Records

  • $ 1998

Rachel's Handwriting Vinyl LP + MP3 Download

Rachel's began recording in April of 1991 in Baltimore, MD under the direction of Christian Frederickson and Jason Noble. Subsequently, they met and became close friends with Rachel Grimes (who was given a copy of their Rachel's Halo cassette because of her first name). In September of 1994 after a few more city moves, band break-ups, and general melancholy, these three musicians decided to become a full time band and complete their first recording, Handwriting.

The trio assembled other musicians who they respected; John, Mark and Barry from the Chicago supergroup the Coctails, Kevin Coultas from Rodan, Shellac bassist Bob Weston, and several other string players from various walks of life. The result was a group of semi-vagrants, some reading from sheet music, some rambunctious noisemakers, working from an equally improvisational and tight-assed way.

Since the release of Handwriting in 1995, Rachel's has performed in libraries, churches, rock dungeons, ballrooms, gardens, bowling alleys and movie theaters across the world. They have worked with filmmakers, dance companies, stage productions, printmakers and photographers. Their recordings and shows have been described as "subversives with a cello," "classical post-rock," "post-classical" and "lo-fi Louisville loafers."

Rachel's Handwriting Track Listing:

1. Southbound to Marion
2. M. Daguerre
3. Saccharin
4. Frida Kahlo
5. Seratonin
6. Full On Night
7. Handwriting

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