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Ray Brown - Super Bass on 200g LP - direct audio

Ray Brown - Super Bass on 200g LP

Analogue Productions

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Ray Brown Super Bass on 200g LP

Remastered by Doug Sax from the Original Master Tapes Through Custom Tube Electronics & Pressed at Quality Record Pressings

Super Bass is tributed to the great Freddie Green and it features Ray Brown, Jeff Hamilton, Jeff Clayton, John Clayton and Green himself. The ensemble lays down some of the best bass driven jazz you're ever likely to hear!

"Super Bass has been a dream of mine longer than I can remember. Back in 1945 I did One Bass Hit and in 1946 I did Two Bass Hit. All that time I had thoughts of doing the Triple and the Home Run. Well I guess Super Bass is a fulfillment to those two. First of all I had this young student that returned from studying at Indiana University as a complete 'wizard' of the bass. He also was studying conducting and arranging and will be one of the top arrangers in the music business. His name is John Clayton and he is a major part of this album." - Ray Brown

The LP edition has been remastered by Doug Sax off the original master tapes through custom tube electronics. Pressing done by Quality Record Pressings on 200g pure virgin vinyl. This album was produced to the same standards of all Analogue Productions LPs.

Ray Brown Super Bass Track Listing:

1. One Armed Bandit
2. Bag's Groove
3. Swing Jig
4. Killer Joe
5. Medley (Surrey With the Fringe on Top/Tap Time/Answer Me My Friend)
6. Righteous Boogie Bass
7. Hues
8. Goodbye Freddie Green
9. Five O'Clock Whistle
10. Happy Days Are Here Again

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