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Redi Hasa - The Stolen Cello Vinyl LP - direct audio

Redi Hasa - The Stolen Cello Vinyl LP

Decca Records

  • $ 2298

Redi Hasa The Stolen Cello Vinyl LP

Redi Hasa's first solo album, The Stolen Cello is the cellist's inspiring story of survival during the Albanian conflict in the early-90s and his new life in Italy with his most prized possession: a stolen cello. Redi Hasa was taught to play the cello by his mother and had learnt the entire cello repertoire by the age of 13, performing on an instrument owned by the state Music Academy.

In 1989, as the Berlin Wall fell, Albania hurtled towards civil war, overwhelmed by poverty and financial unrest. "I am afraid to leave the house. We are all afraid," said Redi recalling the political unrest. He fled Albania, to escape the escalating violence, and joined his brother in Italy.

Here he began the second act of his life having taken with him the only item that could be of any help: the Academy cello, no longer on loan, but stolen. Redi Hasa showcases the "singing" nature of the cello throughout, The Stolen Cello, exploiting the instrument's human-like voice with his deeply personal story of hope and survival. He explains, "It is time to tell something about myself. My memories, my land, my childhood. My memory is like a dream. I want to go back to that dream."

Redi Hasa The Stolen Cello Track Listing:

1. Dajti Mountain
2. Cherry Flowers
3. Wave
4. Little Street Football Made Of Socks
5. Seasons Going By
6. 1990 Autumn Escape
7. The Snow
8. Shadows Drown On The Streets
9. Time
10. Butterfly
11. The Prayer Of The Moon

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