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Rodrigo Y Gabriela - 11:11 180g Vinyl LP + Download - direct audio

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - 11:11 180g Vinyl LP + Download

ATO Records

  • $ 1998

Rodrigo Y Gabriela 11:11 180g Vinyl LP + Download

Acoustic rock maestros Rodrigo Y Gabriela followed-up the success of their breakout 2006 self-titled album with the release of 11:11 in 2009. The album sees the duo developing their core sound into something more sophisticated, intricate and varied. The stunning interplay between Rodrigo’s dazzling leads and Gabriela’s unique rhythms still remain, but the base soundscape is subtly supplemented by percussion, occasional piano and a fresh arsenal of stringed instruments from around the world, including oud and sitar. 11:11 also marks the introduction of electric guitar for the first time.

Produced by Rodrigo and Gabriela (with co-production from John Leckie on the title track), the album was mixed by Colin Richardson; famed in the heavy metal world for his console work on Slipknot and Trivium. Picked by Rodrigo and Gabriela for the way he makes guitars simultaneously sing and sting, it's his desk dexterity that make the sound pictures on 11:11 dance before your eyes and ears.

At the heart of 11:11 lies Rod & Gab’s wish to celebrate some of the great musicians, both past and present, who have inspired them along the way. Each of the eleven tracks is a musical gracias to a delicious and diverse assortment of talent. Some are transparent – the "Voodoo Chile" quoting "Buster Voodoo" is a clear nod of appreciation to Hendrix – others are more discreet.

Metal God Alex Skolnick of Testament joins them on "Atman," a thrilling Arabesque charge in celebration of Dimebag Darrell, replete with a scorching total shred solo from Skolnick. Elsewhere, the duo are united with L.A. based acoustic fusion veterans Strunz & Farah, to create a unique guitar quartet for the Paco De Lucia homage "Master Maqui."

Rodrigo Y Gabriela 11:11 Track Listing:

1. Hanuman
2. Buster Voodoo
3. Triveni
4. Logos
5. Santo Domingo
6. Master Maqui
7. Savitri
8. Hora Zero
9. Chac Mool
10. Atman
11. 11:11

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