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Rush - Hemispheres 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Rush - Hemispheres 180g Vinyl LP

Mercury Records

  • $ 2998

Rush Hemispheres 180g Vinyl LP 

Direct Metal Mastered from Original Analog Masters at Abbey Road Studios!

Hemispheres is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush. Hemispheres was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and mixed at Trident Studios in London in 1978. It was the last of two albums the band recorded in the U.K. before returning to Canada. The record explores the political, social economic, and sci-fi themes prevalent on their early work, continuing the saga of Cygnusfrom A Farewell To Kings.

Similar to 2112, Hemispheres features a single, epic song broken into chapters as the first side of the album (Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres). The album also features the instrumental, La Villa Strangiato. According to Geddy, the song was based on Alex's frequent nightmares.

Throughout the years 2014 and 2015, Rush celebrate their 40th anniversary with vinyl reissues of albums from their Mercury era.

"While such albums as 1980's Permanent Waves and 1981's Moving Pictures are usually considered Rush's masterpieces (and with good reason), 1978's Hemispheres is just as deserving...it's much more consistent musically, twisting and turning through five different sections which contrast heavy rock sections against more sedate pieces. Neil Peart had become one of rock's most accomplished lyricists by this point...Hemispheres remains one of Rush's greatest releases." -Greg Prato, allmusic.com


"Their influence is undeniable...and their legacy is that of a band that stayed true to themselves no matter how uncool they may have seemed to anyone. I think it’s safe to say that Rush are indeed a band that has balls...and they’ve always been cool.” - Dave Grohl inducting Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rush Hemispheres Track Listing:

1. Cyngnus X-1 Part 2
2. Circumstances
3. The Trees
4. La Villa Strangiato

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