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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology Vinyl LP - direct audio

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology Vinyl LP

Lost Highway

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Cardinology Vinyl  LP

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals' new Lost Highway album Cardinology is the fourth official release from the group following Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Lights, and the 7-song EP Follow The Lights. The band was also featured on the Adams produced Willie Nelson record, Songbird as well as his 2007 solo billed release Easy Tiger.

"Ryan Adams and his band have got their sound down to a science, all right: Cardinology, as embodied by their fourth album in as many years, is a precisely calibrated method of creating cool, reflective pools of vocal harmonies and pedal steel, accented from time to time by fiery electric-guitar licks. So what if Adams has left behind (at least for now) the rebellious image and stylistic curveballs that marked his earlier years? He’s allowed his songwriting to settle into a comfortable pattern as he’s matured, but that hasn’t made it ay less vital." --Entertainment Weekly, November 2008, A-

"Cardinology is a classic-rock record to the bone, nodding to the influences that Adams has conjured before but never so well: the country rock of the Grateful Dead and Gram Parsons, the arena anthems of U2.

It begins with four killers in a row: “Born Into a Light” prays for faith amid troubles over a Tex-Mex melody, weepy pedal steel and gospel-tined vocals; “Go Easy” is a breathless love pledge with heartland-rock hooks; “Fix It” is a plea for psychic repair that meshes a slithery R&B groove with a soaring Bono-style chorus; and “Magick” is pure mindless garage-rock pleasure, with notwithstanding the geopolitical apocalypse lurking in its lyrics (“You’re like a missile strike/Government goes underground/Warhead on legs/What goes around comes around”).

Then thing settle down a bit -- but despite overcooked nautical metaphors on “Sink Ships,” they never slack. Cardinology’s riveting finale is “Stop,” a fragile piano ballad sung in a shaky voice that slowly gains strength and takes flight. It’s clearly about rehab, and while rehab rock may be a bit of an oxymoron, Adams – who has reportedly cleaned up – defines a genre here. If it helps undermine some of the bogus junkie myths about hard drugs and creativity, all the better." --Rolling Stone, Oct 2008, 4-star review

The Cardinals Are :

Ryan Adams
Brad Pemberton
John Graboff
Neal Casal
Chris Feinstein

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Cardinology Track Listing:

1. Born Into A Light
2. Go Easy
3. Fix It
4. Magick
5. Cobwebs
6. Let Us Down Easy
7. Crossed Out Name
8. Natural Ghost
9. Sink Ships
10. Evergreen
11. Like Yesterday
12. Stop

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