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Santana - Moonflower 180g Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Santana - Moonflower 180g Vinyl 2LP

Friday Music

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Santana Moonflower 180g Vinyl 2LP

Mastered by Joe Reagoso and Kevin Gray at RTI/AcousTech

Moonflower was a mega triumph set for Carlos Santana and his band. Flying high from major success with their Festival and Amigos albums, Moonflower furthered this excitement in both the studio and concert setting. With a generous mix of Santana classics and new and soon to be classics like The Zombies "She’s Not There," Moonflower rapidly achieved gold and platinum status.

The Moonflower line-up was second to none. Featuring the classic rock guitar styling of the legendary Carlos Santana, along with supreme vocalist Greg Walker, power drummer Graham Lear, pianist Tom Coster and the return of Jose Chepito Areas along with Paul Rekow and Pete Esovedo on percussion, this album was truly an inspiring and groove event for the ages.

And now Friday Music is proudly offering Santana's Moonflower album on 180g vinyl, mastered by Joe Reagoso and Kevin Gray at RTI/AcousTech. This stunning two LP set is manna for the ears and soul. Not only is the chart topping "She’s Not There" represented here, but Carlos and Co. swing heavily on the mighty "Black Magic Woman" in a fierce live setting, as well as the storming crowd pleaser "Soul Sacrifice/Heads Hands & Feet."

Some of the newer material like the Latin infused rocker "Zulu," the solid opener "Dawn/Go Within" and of course the solid revisit live rendition of the classic "Europa" make this a truly enthralling listen. Friday has also included the original stunning gatefold cover elements, which haven’t been seen in years, which truly accentuate the musical journey created by the legend Carlos Santana and his excellent band.

"The LP’s surfaces are exceptionally quiet, contributing to increased tonal contrasts and exposing more low-level details that place more emphasis on the keyboard and percussion work. And while the quality of Friday Music’s output is often sporadic, the label has made excellent choices when it comes to titles that help listeners relive classic rock’s past. The imprint’s treatment of Moonflower rates a solid “A.” Well done."

--Jeff Dorgay, TONE Audio, Issue 38, June 2011

Santana Moonflower Track Listing:


1. Dawn/Go Within
2. Carnaval
3. Let the Children Play
4. Jugando
5. I'll Be Waiting
6. Zulu
7. Bahia
8. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
9. Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
10. Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)


1. She's Not There
2. Flor d' Luna (Moonflower)
3. Soul Sacrifice/Head, Hands &Feet
4. El Morocco
5. Transcendance
6. Savor/Toussaint l' Overture

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