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Seige Monstracity - Seige Monstracity Vinyl LP - direct audio

Seige Monstracity - Seige Monstracity Vinyl LP

Street Corner Music

  • $ 1998

Seige Monstracity Seige Monstracity Vinyl LP

Another can't miss collection of beats from Street Corner Music!

Seige Monstracity is an anomaly in the music industry. He rides the fence, providing the contemporary soundtracks for successful commercial artists such as YG, Tyrese, Keisha Cole, and Marsha Ambrosius, as well as producing grimey backdrops for underground artists like Bizarre, Bad Lucc, and Namebrand. This is a collection of the latter. Seige's debut LP contains 12 incredible doses of heavy beats, chopped up breaks, and obliterated samples.

A Detroit transplant in Los Angeles, both cities are omnipresent at all times on the LP. "Swahililand" is a west-coast interpretation of the classic "Stakes Is High." "Careless" revives a classic David Axelrod moment. "Dirt Bag" sounds like a late night liquor store robbery. "Doves" takes a classic from one of our all time greats who we lost recently, and transforms it into a ride through the hood on a beautiful day in Los Angeles.

Seige Monstracity Seige Monstracity Track Listing:

1. Believe
2. Careless
3. Slapvilla
4. Best of One
5. When Doves Cry
6. Dirt Bag
7. Yours
8. Recignition
9. LA Dodgers
10. Swahililand

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