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Self - Subliminal Plastic Motives on LP + Download - direct audio

Self - Subliminal Plastic Motives Vinyl LP + Download

Fat Possum Records

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Self Subliminal Plastic Motives Vinyl LP + Download

Formed in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the early nineties, alt-pop act Self is spearheaded by its brainchild, Matt Mahaffey, an American multi-instrumentalist, record producer and recording engineer. Matt grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee and was involved with music from a young age. He started writing songs and playing the drums at age 4 and would often perform with his brother, Mike Mahaffey, when they were growing up.

By age eleven, he was playing drums at Dollywood, Dolly Parton's theme park in Pigeon Forge. In the mid-nineties he moved to Murfreesboro, TN and attended MTSU where he would live and work for 10 years and co-founded Spongebath Records. In the early 2000s, Matt relocated from Murfreesboro to Los Angeles, in order to be closer to his record label and to produce.

Self's richly textured debut album, Subliminal Plastic Motives was originally issued in 1995 on Spongeback Records/Zoo Entertainment and is home to the indie fan favorites "So Low" and "Cannon." In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the album's recording, Fat Possum is releasing the album on vinyl for the first time.

"The closest I've come to describing the music is: Matthew Sweet with a sampler multiplied by rap beats, and divided by a cheerful Alice In Chains. Really, you just have to hear it. Almost every song on the disc is a winner, though. Namely "Lucid Anne," "Borateen," "Cannon," and "Big Important Nothing." If you're into pop music, Subliminal Plastic Motives is like a can of Jolt." - Ryan Schreiber, Pitchfork

Self Subliminal Plastic Motives Track Listing:

1. Borateen
2. Sophomore Jinx
3. Stewardess
4. So Low
5. Marathon Shirt
6. Lucid Anne
7. Cannnon
8. Missed The Friction
9. Superstar
10. Mother Nature's Fault
11. Big Important Nothing
12. Lost My Senses

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