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Shura - Forevher Colored Vinyl LP - direct audio

Shura - Forevher Colored Vinyl LP

Secretly Canadian Records

  • $ 2098

Shura Forevher Colored Vinyl LP

It's the blue that hits you first. A deep, dark but ambiguous light, bathing the passionate embrace between two lovers in familiarity and newness. You wouldn't immediately know that you're looking at two women, or that the piece was conceived as a rework of Rodin's The Kiss. But you'll have certainly felt something like that blue, and on second album Forevher – a title entwining ‘for her', ‘forever' and ‘forever her' – Shura colors those classic images of love and self in bold new shades.

If you'd told Shura just a few years ago that she'd make an album exploring "all that love is," few would have been as surprised as Aleksandra Denton herself. On debut album Nothing's Real, she became an accidental ambassador for the lonesome and rejected. Its themes of anxiety, unrequited love and the outsider were articulated in fantastical bedroom-pop, twisting influences from 80s-Madonna or Janet Jackson to Fleetwood Mac. Ever since the viral "Touch," an impassioned global fanbase have awaited another record of heartbreak anthems. Instead, like most great second albums, Forevher is as full of surprises as it is faithful to an artist still laying her innermost hopes and fears on the line.

Forevher, then, is a record born from romance. Written primarily about a burgeoning long-distance relationship, it covers everything from the initial pull of desire, to the almost childlike joy of finally being together, to recognizing the moment when the connection develops from lust into something scarily meaningful. Here is a classic London-to-NYC love-story, but one told through the filter of dating apps or Skype chats. And whilst how to live – and love – as a queer woman has always been integral to Shura, it's remarkable to hear these stories twisted into the fabric of the singer-songwriter tradition.

This time around, the inspiration of Joni Mitchell, The Internet, Carole King, Todd Rundgren and Minnie Riperton formed the basis of the album, but with Shura's own modern, outlier perspective. Before putting Forevher together, Shura spent a lot of time listening to these artists that she describes as "an antidote" to the "glitziness" of her first record (which she still loves). Overall, though, Forevher feels the same as its creator: a little older, a little wiser.

Shura Forevher Track Listing:

1. That's Me, Just A Sweet Melody
2. Side Effects
3. Religion (U Can Lay Your Hands On Me)
4. The Stage
6. Tommy
7. Princess Leia
8. Flyin'
9. Forever
10. Control
11. Skyline, Be Mine

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