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Sick Puppies - Fury on LP - direct audio

Sick Puppies - Fury on LP


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Sick Puppies Fury on LP

When one door closes, another one opens. However, it's true - especially in the case of Sick Puppies. In the Fall of 2014, Emma Anzai [bass, vocals] and Mark Goodwin [drums] parted ways with their guitarist and vocalist. Weathering and persevering through this potentially life-changing event, the gold-selling, chart-topping Los Angeles-based and Australian-bred hard rock outfit knew one thing.

They were going to make more music as Sick Puppies. "There was no question" affirms Emma. "We had no doubt that we wanted to continue. Mark and I got together and basically said, ‘first and foremost, we love music. We love this band and our fans, and we have put so much into it, and we are not done and want to take it further.' In order to do that, we needed to find the right member."

Instead, the "right member" found them. With stints in several bands under his belt, Texas-born singer and guitarist Bryan Scott reached out to Emma via Facebook within days of the announcement. He sent her a video of himself performing, and she swiftly replied. "Both Mark and I knew he was the guy right away - he was cool and he sounded great. It was a natural progression. We were totally on to something," adds Emma.

"Something just overwhelmed me," admits Bryan. "I had a feeling that I needed to reach out. They needed a singer and guitarist and that's what I am. I had always loved their music and as soon as I saw the post, I went home and immediately sent Emma a message. We clicked right off the bat. Music is in their blood - it's who they are. They live and breathe it every day. I'm the same way."

Their newfound chemistry is displayed all over the band's highly anticipated fourth full-length Fury which is preceded by the powerful new single, "Stick To Your Guns." "You have to push regardless of what anyone tells you," Emma notes. "This was a big thing for us. You can pray, hope, or wish for something to happen, but at the end of the day, you have to "stick to your guns", go out there, and believe. The song is meant to empower."

Sick Puppies Fury Track Listing:

1. Black & Blue
2. Stick To Your Guns
3. Let Me Live
4. Where Do I Begin
5. Just the Beginning
6. Walls (You Changed)
7. Killing Time
8. Earth To You
9. Beautiful Chaos
10. If I Stay
11. Here With You

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