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Sinai Vessel - Brokenlegged Vinyl LP - direct audio

Sinai Vessel - Brokenlegged Vinyl LP

Tiny Engines

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Sinai Vessel Brokenlegged Vinyl LP

Sinai Vessel began as a one-man project for singer/guitarist Caleb Cordes before ultimately becoming the fully-realized, collaborative group that produced full length debut, Brokenlegged, an album that remarkably balances Cordes' continued gift for first-person storytelling with a more markedly communal energy. Brokenlegged was recorded in its entirety twice. After writing, arranging, and completing the material for the LP all through 2014 and early 2015, the band finally toured to Lawrence, KS to record the album with a veteran producer.

But ultimately something was still missing and the band decided to begin again, with a clearer sense of purpose. This time the band stayed in North Carolina recording with David Wimbish, who helmed their 2014 EP Profanity. The LP was finally finished in September of 2016.

Ultimately, Sinai Vessel have made exactly the record they wanted to make, an admirable expression of uncompromised vision and perseverance. That zoomed-in determination is an apt match for the subtle, humanistic ideas explored on the album itself. A more measured, patient album than its predecessor, Brokenlegged allows its eight songs to stretch out and plumb wide fields of human emotion, with complex, challenging results. The record is, by definition, "lived-in": the songs here find people trying to co-exist with and reconcile the doubts, anxieties, and ironies that have always been a theme in the band's work.

If Profanity found Sinai Vessel glimpsing hard truths through a glass darkly, then Brokenlegged, the band's remarkable full-length debut, finds the trio wondering what one does next. What do you do when nothing is the same yet everyone refuses to admit things have changed? These are the questions begged by Brokenlegged.

Sinai Vessel Brokenlegged  Track Listing:

1. Looseleaf
2. Ramekin
3. Laughlin
4. Down With The Hull
5. Dogs
6. Birthblood
7. Died On My Birthday
8. Cork Of Worry

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