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Sir Richard Bishop - Tangier Sessions on LP - direct audio

Sir Richard Bishop - Tangier Sessions on LP

Drag City Records

  • $ 1998

Sir Richard Bishop Tangier Sessions on LP

2015 Solo Album from Sun City Girls Guitarist

Armed with a newly purchased antique guitar of unknown origin, Sir Bishop Richard (Sun City Girls) spent a week in Tangier, Morocco wandering the city, drinking strong coffee and improvising on his new instrument. The tone of the guitar and Sir Richard's gentle, loving touch with it hold forth from the first moment of Tangier Sessions, sitting clear and true in the home-recorded night air above the city.

The album sequence is the precise order of the songs as they were conceived and recorded. Rick's all over the neck in the early going while sorting through the dynamics of the instrument - in fact, guitarophiles, the first couple of songs feature Sir Richard Bishop playing without a plectrum for the first time ever! It was as if the songs were almost being written by the guitar itself...using, of course, all the available wide-ranging and maxi-cultural vocabulary resources unique to Sir Richard Bishop.

Yet, even as change after change is visited upon and charged through, the progression is smoothly rendered, the guitar and hands playing it in agreement about where they are going. Of the moment and in and out of time, the Tangier Sessions demonstrate how far a guitar can carry a man who knows how to ride one.

Sir Richard Bishop Tangier Sessions Track Listing:

1. Frontier
2. Bound in Morocco
3. Safe House
4. Hadija
5. Mirage
6. International Zone
7. Let It Come Down

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