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Skindred - Roots Rock Riot Colored Vinyl LP + 7" (Green)

Skindred - Roots Rock Riot Colored Vinyl LP + 7" (Green)


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Skindred Roots Rock Riot Colored Vinyl LP + 7"

Hassle Hindsight is a new sub label of Hassle Records, the UK indie that celebrated its 15th year in 2020. It was created to facilitate the occasional one off re-issues of releases and records from the past that the people at the label have loved and still love.

Having already reissued Reef's debut Replenish, along with Kerbdog's self titled and the critically acclaimed On The Turn, this time it's Skindred's turn, with their much loved 2007 album Roots Rock Riot. This re-issue via Hassle Hindsight marks the album's first ever release on vinyl, and as an additional bonus, all copies of the initial vinyl pressing come with a 7" featuring two exclusive tracks.

First of all there is finally the addition of the track "It's a Crime," only ever available on the original Japanese version of the album, and the previously unheard track "Struggle," taken from the original album recording sessions but never released until now.

Skindred Roots Rock Riot Track Listing:


1. Roots Rock Riot
2. Trouble
3. Ratrace
4. State Of Emergency
5. Alright
6. Destroy The Dancefloor
7. Rude Boy For Life
8. Killing Me
9. Spit Out The Poison
10. Cause Ah Riot
11. Ease Up
12. Choices and Decisions

Bonus 7"

1. It's A Crime
2. Struggle

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