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Slomatics - A Hocht Vinyl LP - direct audio

Slomatics - A Hocht Vinyl LP


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Slomatics A Hocht Vinyl LP

Formed in Belfast late 2004, Slomatics aim to reduce riffs to a primal state of heaviness, to produce music which whilst imploding under it's own weight, creates a a joyous and euphoric state of well-being which can only be obtained with a slew of vintage amplifiers, fuzz pedals, analog synths and an alarming array of percussion instruments.

This has endured through six albums and a mountain of split/vinyl/cassette releases. 2012's A Hocht is the band's third album and a slight departure in terms of sound being more pronouncedly psychedelic and experimental, yet still soaked through with Slomatics' trademark riffage. This long player was a landmark release for the band who did much to inspire Jon Davis of Conan.

Slomatics A Hocht Track Listing:

1. Inner Space
2. Flame On
3. Beyond Acid Canyon
4. Return To Kraken
5. Tramontane
6. Blackwood
7. Theme From Remora
8. Outer Space

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