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Sonic Youth - Anagrama On Vinyl LP - direct audio

Sonic Youth - Anagrama On Vinyl LP

Sonic Youth Records

  • $ 1898

Sonic Youth Anagrama On Vinyl LP

The first in a series of three similarly-packaged EPs produced by New York guitar-noise specialist Wharton Tiers, 1997's Anagrama defiantly reclaimed Sonic Youth's avant-garde credentials after a decade of increasingly pop-oriented releases. Anagrama consists of four lengthy pieces: "Anagrama," "Improvisation Ajoutee," "Tremens" and the appropriately-titled "Mieux: De Corrosion." Sports a red-houndstooth-French-language theme on the sleeve.

Sonic Youth Anagrama Track Listing:

1. Anagrama
2. Improvisation Ajoutee
3. Tremens
4. Mieux: De Corrosion

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