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Sonna - Keep It Together on 2LP + Download - direct audio

Sonna - Keep It Together on 2LP + Download

Temporary Residence

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Sonna Keep It Together on 2LP + Download

Collection of Every Non-Album Sonna Track, Most of Which Have Never Been Released on Vinyl!

Sonna were an experimental rock band from Baltimore, MD. Formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2003, they recorded a handful of EPs and singles, as well as two full-length albums - both recorded with Steve Albini. They often toured with friends and collaborators, including Explosions In The Sky, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and Tarentel - and their live shows were known for their uncanny precision as much as their alarming quietude.

Keep It Together collects every Sonna song that did not appear on their two studio albums. It includes their lone recording sessions at the legendary, defunct WGNS in Washington, DC, as well as their session with DC electronic-pop producer, TREVOR/hollAnd, and their final recording with Albini in Chicago. These songs were originally separately released as a debut CD EP, a split 7" with Austin rock band, Paul Newman, an EP for Temporary Residence's renowned Travels In Constants series, and a track on the label's TRR50: Thank You compilation.

These recordings span Sonna's entire career, representing both their first and final recordings. It's a glimpse into the quiet history of a band devoted to subtle grandeur from a surprisingly supportive city that had very little of either.

Sonna Keep It Together Track Listing:


1. These Windows Are Pistons (Pt. 1)
2. These Windows Are Pistons (Pt. 2)
3. These Windows Are Pistons (Pt. 3)
4. Way To Breathe No Breath
5. Kept Luminesce
6. Mirameko


1. The Eventual Bow (Pt. 1)
2. The Eventual Bow (Pt. 2)
3. The Eventual Bow (Pt. 3)
4. The Closer

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