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Sonny Rollins - Way Out West Vinyl LP - direct audio

Sonny Rollins - Way Out West Vinyl LP

Original Jazz Records

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Sonny Rollins Way Out West Vinyl LP

Way Out West was, in many ways, Sonny Rollins' tribute to the heroes of his childhood - the cowboys of the big screen, whom he idolized in the movie theaters of Harlem during the Depression. "Westerns took me away from reality," Rollins explained. "My reality wasn't bad. It's just that Westerns took me to another place. They gave me hope that a Utopia did indeed exist in life."

"If you compiled a list of the top Sonny Rollins recordings from throughout his incredible career, this one is certainly among the top entries," says Nick Phillips. "In addition to his phenomenal playing, it's a great example of Rollins' legendary sense of humor in his playing. Doing a jazz interpretation of ‘I'm an Old Cowhand' is just one example of the kind of wit that he is known for. Even the cover photo of Sonny wearing a ten-gallon hat was his idea."

"While this album is unusual in many ways, it was not done for an effect, or to be different. It was a spontaneous result of Rollins' first trip West as a member of the Max Roach Quintet in March 1957. For some time he had wanted to record without a piano and the desire was reinforced by the fact that Ray Brown was in Los Angeles with the Oscar Peterson Trio, and Shelly Manne was also in town with his own group. If you had contemplated playing with only bass and drums, you would be hard put to find two better men than Brown and Manne, each an acknowledged master of his instrument, and each a clean sweep winner of the No. 1 spot in all three 1956 jazz popularity polls (Down Beat, Metronome and Playboy magazines)." - Lester Koenig

Sonny Rollins Way Out West Track Listing:

1. I'm An Old Cowhand
2. Solitude
3. Come, Gone
4. Wagon Wheels
5. There Is No Greater Love
6. Way Out West

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