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Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom 180g 2LP - direct audio

Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom 180g 2LP

Rhino Records

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Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom on 180g 2LP

Spawned in the bowels of New York's underground in 1992, Soul Coughing - whose extraordinary music defied categorization - never entertained the thought that someday they might have commercial potential. Indeed frontman Mike Doughty confessed that, "When the band was formed, I had given up on making it in the music industry. I didn't care anymore and I just wanted to book some Monday night shows and have some fun."

To this end, the struggling avant poet put together an unlikely band of talented musicians. Despite their disparate backgrounds, Doughty (vocals/guitar), Mark De Gli Antoni (keyboards/samples), Sebastian Steinberg (upright bass) and Yuval Gabay (drums/percussion) came together with a unifying theme. Steinberg relates the band consensus: "Funk had become this tinny sounding shit. One of the things we all agreed upon was that Soul Coughing had to have a dark deep low-end and that live we had to be as fat as all these hip hop records."

After sorting through some offers, Soul Coughing inevitably signed to Slash/Warner in 1993. The following year they recorded Ruby Vroom with Tchad Blake (Tom Waits, Los Lobos, Sheryl Crow, Cibo Matto). Breaking out of the experimental art rock ghetto, their debut featured an inventive and unmatched mix of funk, jazz, samples and performance poetry that went on to sell in excess of 150,000 copies and remains the band's crowning achievement. Home to such Soul Coughing masterworks as "Sugar Free Jazz," " Blueeyed Devil," "Bus To Beelzebug," "True Dreams Of Wichita," "Screenwriters Blues" and "Janine."

Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom Track Listing:


1. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
2. Sugar Free Jazz
3. Casiotone Nation (Live)
4. Blueeyed Devil
5. Bus To Beelzebug
6. True Dreams Of Wichita
7. Screenwriters Blues


1. Moon Sammy
2. Supra Genius
3. City Of Motors
4. Uh, Zoom Zip
5. Down To This
6. Mr Bitterness
7. Janine


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