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Soundsmith - EZ-Mount Cartridge Headshell Kit - direct audio

Soundsmith - EZ-Mount Cartridge Headshell Kit


  • $ 3999

Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Headshell Kit

The Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Screws. No Tools are required to secure a cartridge and EZ-Tweaking or your cartridge set-up. Now it only take two hands to install a phono cartridge! This significantly lowers the risk of dropped cartridges & snapped cantilevers.

It seems like you need three hands to mount a cartridge; one hand to hold the nut, one hand to hold the bolt and a third to tighten the bolt using a very small screwdriver or Allen wrench. Mounting a cartridge with only two hands is an exercise in frustration, something's always slipping, dropping or sliding. Our favorite problem is when the mounting hardware is either too heavy or too light, forcing you to rummage through every drawer trying to find hardware that is just the right weight. SoundSmith to the rescue! The EZ-Mount screws allow you to easily reduce or increase the mass right at the headshell with a selection of materials from lightweight nylon to heavyweight brass. The EZ-Mount screws also can be slightly loosened allowing small movements of the cartridge during critical alignments.

"[The] gizmo I can't speak more highly about is the EZ-Mount cartridge screw set. Delivered in a set of four pairs, they have an easy to tighten knurled knob on top eliminating the need for tiny hand tools. ...you can use them to add or remove mass to the headshell... All you need are your hands to install the EZ-Mounts, particularly on pre-threaded cartridge bodies, and they make cartridge alignment easy since they're a breeze to untighten, move, and retighten. Genius." - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, October 2011, Issue 216, pg. 44

Kit Includes:

2 Nylon Screws
2 Aluminum Screws
2 Brass Screws
2 Stainless Steel Screws
2 Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Nuts
4 Captive Nylon Washers

Weight & Dimensions:

Nylon Screws: 1.04 grams (pair), 10mm long
Aluminum Screws: 2.06 grams (pair), 10mm long
Brass Screws: 6.14 grams (pair), 10mm long
Stainless Steel Screws: 6.32 grams (pair), 10mm long

EZ-Guide to EZ-Mount Hardware

•Nylon: Provides best vibration control, with very low mass (1.04g per Pair)
•Aluminum: Sonically faster and more full bodied than Nylon, but still lightweight (2.06g per Pair)
•Stainless: Powerful and authoritative with excellent resolution at the expense of high weight (5.80g per Pair)
•Brass: Sonically richest of the four, but very heavy (6.24g per Pair)

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