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Swampmeat - Gin and Tonic Vinyl LP - direct audio

Swampmeat - Gin and Tonic Vinyl LP

direct audio

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Swampmeat Gin and Tonic Vinyl LP

Swampmeat is a project from Dan Finnemore (Low Cut Connie, The Castillians and Black Mekon). A long-time hometown secret in his native Birmingham, Swampmeat is now ready to step out of the shadows – over ten years after the project took its first steps. Gin & Tonic is a collection of highlight tracks taken from Swampmeat's limited edition CD releases, that were originally put out by ColdRice Records between 2005 and 2009, but criminally never made it out into the big wide world until now. It's a fine collection of country-fied rock and roll, straddling the edge between country, punk and rock, with great songs and melodies.

Swampmeat Gin and Tonic Track Listing:

1. Brand New Cadillac
2. Right Here
3. Murder Talk
4. Camp Heartbreak
5. Stupid Kid
6. Farmhouse Barn
7. I'm A Fucker, Not A Fighter
8. Crooked Heart
9. Gin & Tonic
10. Sister Mary
11. U L Man
12. Girl, You Ain't Done It
13. She Ain't Taken Every Piece Of Me (Yet)