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Tegan And Sara - Love You To Death Colored Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Tegan And Sara - Love You To Death Colored Vinyl LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

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Tegan And Sara Love You To Death Colored Vinyl LP

Propelled by the conviction of reinvention, Tegan and Sara's eighth studio album, Love You To Death, is the latest sonic chapter in a celebrated seventeen-year career. Produced by Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia, Beck, Ellie Goulding), Love You To Death delivers ten new Tegan and Sara tracks more vibrant and visionary than ever.

Tegan and Sara explored a transcendent pop sheen for the first time on 2013's Heartthrob, which deftly balanced critical acclaim with mainstream ambitions. They follow it up here with an equally explosive production, but one that casts darker shadows and lingers longer in the psyche. Taking a page from dramatic non-fiction, Love You To Death finds Tegan and Sara mining their own lives to investigate complex relationship dynamics. At one moment the subject is their own inescapable relationship as twin sisters ("100x," "White Knuckles"), while at another it's a romantic relationship that drives the protagonist to mournful regret ("That Girl").

Secret relationships ("Boyfriend") give way to social judgment about passion and transience ("Faint of Heart"). Marriage is eloquently questioned as a barometer for commitment ("BWU"), while commitment itself is questioned with a deliberately self-conscious anti-love-song ("U-turn"). With each album their writing grows in precision and vulnerability, and differing lyrical voices continue to sharpen their respective identities – Tegan's unapologetically clear word choice in evaluating romance ("Stop Desire") is balanced by Sara's poetic reflections on anxiety ("Hang on to the Night").

If the highest intention of the artist is to self-actualize, Tegan and Sara have given their devoted audience the gift of a front-row seat to their lifelong process of evolution with Love You To Death.

Tegan And Sara Love You To Death Track Listing:

1. That Girl
2. Faint of Heart
3. Boyfriend
4. Dying to Know
5. Stop Desire
6. White Knuckles
7. 100x
8. BWU
9. U-turn
10. Hang on to the Night

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