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Telekinesis - Effluxion Colored Vinyl LP + Digital Download Card

Merge Records

  • $ 2098

Telekinesis Effluxion Colored Vinyl LP + Digital Download Card

The fifth full-length album Michael Benjamin Lerner has recorded as Telekinesis is perfect, unfussy power pop – romantic and hopeful and skittish and fresh and familiar, with hooks in all the right places. Its title, Effluxion, comes from the Latin term meaning "to flow" and captures the spirit in which the album was made: hooks flow in, hooks flow out.

Effluxion is, in the purest way, a back-to-basics album – not just in its reaffirmation of the sound and style that made Lerner an indie wunderkind a decade ago, but in the way it was created.

Using the same now-discontinued MacBook microphone he used to record his earliest tracks, he holed up in the basement of his West Seattle home and put the album together piece by piece over the past two years, playing every instrument. While previous albums had former Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla and Spoon's Jim Eno serving as producers and sounding boards and sidemen and general voices of authority and experience, Lerner wanted to do this one entirely on his own – a singular vision that has resulted in the purest, most confident Telekinesis album yet.

Telekinesis Effluxion Track Listing:

1. Effluxion
2. Cut the Quick
3. Like Nothing
4. Running Like a River
5. Set a Course
6. How Do I Get Rid of Sunlight?
7. Suburban Streetlight Drunk
8. Feel It in Your Bones
9. A Place in the Sun
10. Out for Blood

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